Use of Solar Energy in Agriculture

Use of Solar Energy in Agriculture

                                      “Use of Solar Energy in Agriculture” 



Solar Panels can be the key to bringing down production costs of any agrarian or horticultural operation. Dairy, poultry, or sheep farming, developing grains or other crops — each sort of farm, counting vineyards, plantations, and other specialized operations — includes numerous energy-intensive hones. Putting the sun to work makes sense as a practical arrangement for bringing down cultivating vitality utilization and cost.

A study has found that farmland is the foremost viable range to put solar ranches and if just 1 percent of agrarian land was utilized in this way it would meet human demand for power.

Solar Farming

Sun-powered farming employments power produced from solar vitality to function agricultural or cultivating instruments. It is basic, fetched compelling, dependable, and long enduring. Most common agrarian apparatuses such as tractors, watering systems, rotator, roller, grower, sprayers, broadcast seeder, etc. work on battery control and fuel oil. In solar cultivating, the battery power is supplanted with sun-based control, so that the utilization of power from grid-power and non-renewable sources can be reduced.

Here is a list of agrarian devices that are as of now being operated in India utilizing sun-based vitality:

  • Solar Water Pumping System

A sun based photovoltaic (SPV) water pumping system comprises of sun powered boards, an on-off switch, a control & tracking component, and an engine pump. This system basically employments SPV cells for converting solar energy into electric current. An SPV cell cluster capacity can run around 200 watts to 5KWp (kilowatt-peak) based on the needs of distinctive water sources such as bore-wells, open wells, supplies, streams, etc.

  • Solar Dryer

Sun oriented dehydrators or dryers are utilized in ranches to dry crops before sending them to the market. These dryers commonly utilize passive solar boards for producing energy. A large-scale sun based dryer usually comprises a shed, drying racks, and sun based collector (boards).

  • Solar Greenhouse

Solar Nurseries make ideal utilize of sun-oriented vitality for providing warming and insulation. Specialized sun-powered nurseries can collect and store vitality for night-time utilize or amid cloudy climate. SPV cells can be utilized to gather solar energy for extra insulation in colder climates.

  • Solar Electric Fence

Solar fueled electric walls are exceedingly viable and reliable for huge areas and cattle ranches. These fences ordinarily comprise of an SPV unit as a source of control, an energizer that produces high voltage driving forces (8kv) transmitted in interims of 0.9 to 1.2 seconds, in conjunction with a 12V battery. The drive carries 10 mA of current and delivers a shock enduring for a fraction of a moment.

  • Solar Milking Machine

Milking machines for dairy animals operated on sun-powered power instead of diesel or electric control are another innovation. An SPV module associated with batteries powers the machine. A mobile milking machine along with sun powered boards and battery reinforcement is accessible for INR70,000. A few states like Karnataka give endowments of up to 50% for these machines.

  • Solar Mowers and Tractors

 Sun oriented electric cutters are accessible with cordless and rechargeable battery alternatives. These grass cutters don’t radiate toxic fumes and don’t require frequent refueling to run. As it were a number of hours of reviving from a solar-powered battery charger are required. It is additionally conceivable to convert an existing fuel or electric garden cutter into a sun-oriented cutter.

Benefits of Solar Energy

  • Cheaper than Fossil Fuels

On large ranches, sun-based vitality harnessed will result in low cost than fossil fills. The installation will be expensive but once you recuperate the invested sum the vitality you utilized will be free of cost. Moreover, you get subsidies from state and central government which will assist you to effortlessly pay off the cost of establishment.

  • An effective solution to the drought-related problem

Each year ranchers stress almost dry season and power cuts happening with it. With solar vitality boards in place, you do not get to depend on a third party to carry out your cultivating exercises. Solar boards require negligible water and demonstrate exceptionally beneficial in regions with water shortage.

  • Getting more Advanced

Horticulture has sometimes been moderate to adopt innovative benefits when compared to other segments. By utilizing sun powered vitality to control farming exercises, the cultivating segment demonstrates that they are prepared for more technological progressions. With solar vitality on the rise, more agriculturists utilize sun oriented vitality to run their agrarian exercises and this will incite businesses and analysts to provide ranchers with the more innovatively equipped device.

  • Storing energy for later use

As agrarian land continuously lives beneath the fear of hindered power failures, utilizing sun based vitality can prove beneficial for numerous. With modern progressions, it is getting to be simpler to store solar energy for afterward utilize. Agriculturists can store sun powered vitality utilizing batteries amid its peak hours and utilize it afterward when required.

  • Helps in Preventing Global Warming

Global warming is the hot subject of the 21st century. Each segment is attempting to diminish its carbon impression in one or the other way. With agriculturists receiving solar energy for their rural land it’ll end up less demanding for us to fight the perilous impacts of global warming.



Ranchers are at the center of the problem with respect to global warming; since the rise in temperature influences climate change which in turn influences the horticulture produce. The world populace is ceaselessly expanding and the demand for food items is witnessing a noteworthy rise. Utilizing sun-powered control can offer assistance to control climate change and help us fight the issue viably.







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