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By Adopting Sustainable Agriculture & Farming Technology Niche Organic Pomegranates are considered as the most nutritious and tasty fruits which has high quality proteins along with sweet and soft arils

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Niche Agriculture Limited, a company founded by Harisharan Devgan, owns one of the largest and oldest organic pomegranate farms in India. The Company has done considerable agricultural economics and advancement in organic farming of pomegrante and contributing in sustainability and achievement of food security goals.

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Our goal is to bring healthy organic fruits and vegetables to every house thanks to the combination of Modern farming technologies and talent of our team.

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We are growing a multitude of different vegetables, fruits and grains…



Advanced Technologies, equipment and skilled labour for healthy and proper yield.

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We’re determined to keep up the quality of all of our farming products at high

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Our experts spent last few years excelling their skills and expanding their knowledge.

Organic Farming & Agriculture in India

Niche Agriculture endeavored to yield fresh and unadulterated produce and make Organic farming a viable alternative production method for Indian Farmers, overcoming all the challenges related to production yields, certain serious pests, identify and scale strategies to improve water management and ensure a vibrant agricultural system. With agriculture technology and and sustainability we can learn what is organic farming & why organic farming is better.

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Niche Organic Pomegranate Farming ?

Pomegranate is considered as one of the most commercial fruit in India. As it is so popular in India, but its origin is Iran. This one is also known as a drought tolerant crop. Its regular irrigation is quite mandatory for commercial yield production. This irrigation depends on different factors like soil type, tree size, potential evaporation and psychological phase. 

If we will consider about the perfect climate for Organic Pomegranate Farming, dry climate would be the suitable one. But during fruit development process, it needs both hot and dry climate. The optimum temperature for fruit development is 38 degree centigrade. During humidity in climate, the fruit get damaged by pomegranate butterfly and lose their sweetness. But in case of cold climate, it is hardy and drought tolerant. Usually, Pomegranates grow well under semi-arid conditions. They can be grown up to 500m altitude above m.s.l.. It can handle hot, dry summer and cold winter if the provided irrigation facilities are available. During fruit development and ripening phase, hot and dry climate is much required. It can tolerate frost up to a considerable extend. But in temperature below -110 degree centigrade, the fruits get damage.

It can be grown in wide variety of soil which can tolerate both alkalinity and salinity up to an extended point. However, the result shows in deep heavy loam soil. Make sure the soil is well drained. Pomegranate is little bit sensitive in soil moisture fluctuations. It normally causes the fruit cracking problem, which is normal in case of this crop. If you are looking for best soil type for pomegranate farming, the soil must be well drained and sandy loan to deep loamy. Alluvial soils are suitable for pomegranate farming.

For organic pomegranate farming, vegetation propagation is simply recommended. The propagation by cutting is quite common. It should be taken from suckers while the spring from the base of the main stem. The cutting should be mature about 20 to 30 cm long along with 6 to 12 mm thick. For maximum success, rainy season is the best period.

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The Incredible Pomegranate

The pomegranate is native to Central Asia and Persia where its history starts. It was first discovered and exploited as a wild plant; only later people who lived in the hills and valleys of the region learned to domesticate the fruit. From its centers of origin, the pomegranate spread like a pebble thrown into a still pond; the ripples of its culture spread in all directions within sub-tropical and mild temperate zones.

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With Agricultural Technology the desirable fruit characters of fresh organics are produced for export purpose

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Niche Agriculture Limited is planning to play a significant role in Indian Hemp Industry, considering its vast experience in organic farming and research with global exposure and its dedication towards the social cause and rural development.

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Globally, herbal medicine has been considered as an important alternative to modern allopathic medicine. Although the herbal medicines are very popular in the society, only a few medicinal herbs have been scientifically evaluated for their potential in medical treatment. And hence a new drug class “Phytopharma” was introduced in India.

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I can’t say enough about what a positive and valuable experience working with the Niche Agriculture, and having our own fabulous intern has been for the farm and me personally. Every part of the program, from the beginning to end was well thought out and executed. I would highly recommend participating in this program to any farm that has space for an intern.

Kiran Rawat

Niche Organic Poms

Congratulations Niche on your innovative venture. You deserve the credit for the emergence of organic pomegranate in your farm by adopting different possibilities.

Steve Someon

Best Organic Products Ever

Niche Agriculture is the right thing at the right time. Those of us who understand that we have to start doing things differently and are brave enough to actually start doing it differently, need a forum whereby we can support each other and learn from each other.

Sir John