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Organic farming is said to be the original, mainstream form of agriculture. Before the development of synthesized fertilizers and pesticides, practices of crop rotation and fertilization with animal manures and legumes were the options available to most farmers to maintain crop productivity. All systems of organic farming avoid the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

The science of organic farming is a combined study of soil fertility, plant pathology, entomology, and other biological and environmental sciences. Organic farming is a philosophy and is a well-researched science to achieve adequate yields through plant nutrition and protection. Since inception of our Company, Niche Agriculture Limited, we have always worked to model healthy and sustainable food systems. 

Approximately 2000 hectares of integrated production farms,The Niche Farms, are located in the state of Andhra Pradesh at Anantapur and at Madurai in Tamil Nadu. All 2000 hectares of the Niche Farms are organically managed. We cultivate over 50varieties of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and also feature 6000 Desi Indian Cows Gaushala and Stable for our Horses.

Niche Agriculture

Organic Farming is an agricultural system using modern farming techniques and ecological based pest control and organic fertilizers, organic manure and organic fungicides to deliver foremost nutritious and top-notch organic products which has high-quality proteins alongside with sweet and delicate arils. There are many advantages of organic farming like optimum utilisation in India, healthier foods and healthier animals with potential profits and promoting biodynamics with fertile soil and environment safety.
Niche Agriculture is at best with organic farming. Before the growth and development of synthesized fertilizers and practices of using a chemical treatment to grow fruits and vegetables, organic farming comes up as the mainstream form of agriculture. Entomology and environmental science, protecting the fertility of the soil, plant pathology is all the combined factors of organic farming.


Soil fertility is the ability of a soil to supply nutrients toa crop. At Niche Farms we endeavouron providing adequate nutrients to the crops emphasizing on the macronutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, andsulfur and a group of plant micronutrients.

Instead of Genetically modified (GM) seeds, certified organic/non-GM seeds are used. Theseseeds are treated with desi cow urine, cow dung, biofertilizers and biofungicides.

Farm manures contains all of the elements that are essential for plantgrowth.Our Farm yard manure (FYM) is made at our farms usingdesi cow dung, cow urine, straw and farm waste;concentrated organic manures made from oil cakes, are a rich source of nutrients and organic matter besides serving as asoil conserving material.

in situwith plants such as berseem and green gram is used to increase green plant mass into the soil which improves itsphysical and chemical properties and fertility level.

Green manuring with leguminous crops substitutes FYM to some extent.

Composting is the controlled rotting of organic matter. The purpose of compostingis to convert organic material that is unsuitable for incorporating into the soil intoa material that is suitable for mixing with the soil.

Another potential benefit of composting, other than narrowing of theC:N ratio, is to destroy weed seeds and pathogenic plant diseases. Weed seedsrot or become unviable during composting. The high temperatures in the internal region of the pile kills some plant diseases caused by fungi or bacteria.

We prepare Vermicompost from organicwaste left over in the field such as, animal dung, plant debris, crop and fodder residues, weeds left inthe field and on the field borders, decaying and rotting vegetables, metabolically with the help of worms.“Panchagavya” is added to organic matter which helps decomposition quicker and add greater nutritivevalue to the compost.

At our Farms, early crop rotations, inter/mix cropping and cover crops are routinelyfollowed.

Trap crops attract and trap insect pests. These croppatterns reduce the incidence of pests and diseases, maintain soil fertility (when used with pulsecrops) and optimize the balance of plant nutrients.

A mulch is a covering layer of material applied over the surface of land. The layerof mulch creates a buffer between the soil and aerial environment. At Niche farms we use polyethylene Mulches along with dried weeds/ crop residues to reduce water evaporation, weed control,temperature regulation and erosion control.

Land is tilled to put the soil into proper physical condition for the germination ofseeds and growth of crop roots, to incorporate green manures and other residues, tomix in manures, composts, and fertilizers, and to control weeds. Tillage also helpsin aeration and in drying and warming of soil. Tillageexposes insects to adverse conditions in which they are vulnerable to predators,freezing, and desiccation.

10 acres reservoir is made after every 500 acres of land for rain water harvesting to avoid groundwater depletion and maintain water quality.


Considering the weather and scarcity of water in the these areas we have preferred drip irrigation over water sprinklers. A large network of tubes and pipes is being laid in the entire field for drip irrigation.

We use naturally available indigenous plant materials and theirproducts such as, neer- seed kernel extract, water extract of leaves of neem, nirgunc bulb of garlicand onion, chillies for preparing sprays for plants.

Milk: Milk has insecticidal properties due to its proteins (globulins). Desi Cow milk is effective against soft-bodied insects such as cabbage worms. Milk alsohas some effects against fungi and viruses.

Buttermilk: Sour Buttermilk with copper is used to make fungicide for the plants.

Whitewash: Whitewash is prepared by preparing a slurry of slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) in water. It isapplied as paint on trunks of trees to protect against boring insects. Whitewash is fungicidal and offers protection againstplant diseases when it is applied to plants.

Calcium salts such as, gypsum (Calcium sulphate) and lime (Calciumoxide) are mixed into soil to correct soil pH.

Organic Farming is done on Niche Farms located in the state of Andhra Pradesh at Anantapur and Tamil Nadu at Madurai. Niche Farms have approximately 2000 hectares of land where all the fruits and vegetables are grown organically. More than 50 varied fruits, herbs are grown and managed organically.
Organic farming is sustainable as it does not use synthesized and chemical fertilizers and require more land for cultivating. Organic farming in India is profitable you cane incur more profits with organic farming. Growing organic vegetables and organic fruits is highly profitable in India