“FARMERS” -“Nation’s Strength”

Undoubtedly, a farmer’s life is far from a glorious life. They are the ones culpable for the food that we have on our table for at least 3 times a day. Although, modern techniques have made work easier for the farmers, in the early lifestyle the tasks are being done manually. Today, farming and agriculture are like a complex juggling task that involves tracking and harvesting of inventory.

Condition of Farmers

The conditions of farmers in India abhorrent. About 80% of the farmers’ population belong to marginal and small farmers.

  • Money Lenders still play a great role in agricultural credit where they have to pay the interest which is far more than the profit they gather on their cultivated crops.
  • The price of the crop is inversely proportional to productivity.
  • The equipment and machines utilized for immense productivity and cutting the production costs are owned by large farmers.
  • Crops can be destroyed anytime by too much rainfall or drought.
  • Middleman is the bloodsuckers of farmers. They make the hardships for a farmer and their condition more worsens.

By developing agri-infrastructure like markets for agriculture, warehouses, and cold storages and improving the quality of rural life and providing basic amenities including sanitation, hygiene, and drainage system the conditions of farmers can be improved.

So, farmers are more prone and vulnerable to risks and indebtedness. They are the ones that rise with the sun and to tend to crops and stay up late to evaluate the results. They fight with invasive pesticides and battle with unpredictable weather. Hence, we thank those that is the farmer “who works in acres and not in hours.”