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The Indian Desi Cow

In India, Desi Cow is not only just milk-producing animal but also truly considered as Gomata (mother of all) and Kamdhenu. The medicinal importance of products obtained from the cow knows no bounds. Panchgavya, a mixture of five products of the cow viz. milk, urine, dung, ghee and curd is a formulation of Ayurveda, which possesses healing properties against many disorders, It has an excellent germicidal power, antibiotics and antimicrobial activity. Physicians from the Ayurveda system of medicine have been using remedies based on cow’s products, either singly or in combination as Panchgavya, for centuries. In recent years, results of scientific investigations in India and abroad into the medicinal and curative properties of these products have created a lot of enthusiasm and hope, as they could be potent anti-cancer and anti-HIV agents

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Niche Agriculture Limited take care of almost 6200 Desi Cows of different breeds mainly Gir from Gujarat, Ongole from Andhra Pradesh, Sahiwal from Punjab and Rathi from Rajasthan. Our Gaushala are located at Anantpur,  Andhra Pradesh and Madurai, Tamil Nadu. The Company has established a Cow refuge which provides a home and humane veterinary care for old, homeless and sick cows.

About Niche LiveStock

We use Cow Dung and Cow Urine for making biofertilizer and biopesticide for our farms. Cow dung/ urine in combination with plant extracts is used toprepare disinfectant which is biodegradable and ecofriendlywith good antibacterial action.

A mixture of Cow Dung andurine mainly consists of lignin, celluloseand hemicelluloses. It contains 24 different mineralslike nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, along with trace amountof sulphur, iron, magnesium, copper, cobalt and manganese.

Desi Indian cow dung contain higheramount of calcium, phosphorus, zinc and copper thanthe cross-breed cow. Cow dung harbours a rich microbialdiversity, containing different species of bacteria (Bacillusspp., Corynebacterium spp. and Lactobacillus spp.),protozoa and yeast (Saccharomyces and Candida)

We have developed an effective liquid manure manufacturing technology from cattle resources, cow dung and cow urine, which have proven to be very effective methods in fertilizer management in organic farming practices. We prepare a mixture of cow dung, cow urine, jaggery, pulse flour, soil, lime and water also known as “Jeevamrutham”.

The microorganisms which are present in the soil are responsible for increasing the fertility of the soil and the productivity of the crops. In order to increase the microorganisms in the soil Jeevamrutham is used.

Preparation of Jeevamrutham (organic Manure) for 100 acres of land

Materials Used

Desi Cow dung: 1000 Kg.

Cows dung is a most important source of biofertilizer, it enhances productivity in longterm with maintaining the soil health and enhancesthe microbial population. Cow dung manure andvermicomposting increases soil organic mattercontent, and this leads to improved water infiltrationand water holding capacity as well as an increasedcation exchange capacity.

Desi Cow Urine: 1000 Litres

Cow urine is rich source of macro,micronutrients and has disinfectant and prophylacticproperties. It purifies the atmosphere and improvesthe soil fertility. Cow urine has amazing germicidalpower tokill wide varieties of germs.

Jaggery: 100 Kg

Jaggery is used to purify the upcoming Jeevamrutafertilizer . The micro nutrients present in the jaggerypossess antitoxic and anti-carcinogenic properties. Ithas moderate amount of calcium, phosphorous and zinc .

Fertile Soil:

A vital function of soil is storing and supplyingminerals and nutrients which is essential for plantlife.Soil is deficient plant extractable phosphorus,and it helps to plant growth.Soil acidity is improvesby uptake of major plant nutrients (Nitrogen,

Phosphorus, Potassium) of plants growth.

Pulse flour: 200 Kg

It is used as a feed for the micro organisms present inJeevamruta .So that, they will be grow for degrading the waste materials and increase themicrobial actions


It provides source of calcium and magnesium forplants.It permits improved water penetration foracidic soils because acid soil reduce plant growth.Itincreases the pH of acidic soil, it helps to growth ofplant.

Water: 20000 Litres



1000 kg of fresh desi cow dung and 1000 liters of desi cow urine are mixed in the tank filled with 20000 liters of water, the mixture is thoroughly mixed and allowed to ferment. The tank is covered with a jute bag, it should be breathable, the air should pass through easily.

After 12 hours100 kg of jaggery/ 200 Kg of Pulse Flour and Lime is added to fermented solution. Again, it is kept for fermentation and sedimentation process to take place.

The solution is stirred thrice a day and the solution is kept covered.

The clear and enriched liquid organic manure is ready for field application in 2 to 3 days.

Jeevamrutham is than filtered and diluted in the ratio of 1:10 and Sprayed using Sprinklers as per Spraying Schedule.