Niche Agriculture Organic Pomegranate Farming

Organic Pomegranate Farming in India

As India has the largest Pomegranate market in the world, Niche Agriculture has decided to build a marvelous organic Pomegranate farm. Niche organic pomegranates are considered as the most nutritious and tasty fruits which has high-quality proteins along with sweet and soft arils. As per the demand of both Indian and Foreign market, Organic Pomegranate Orchards are now booming in every corner of India. Orchard owners are getting high profits from their firms per acre for the year.


Pomegranate juice benefits

Organic Pomegranate

Pomegranate is considered as one of the most commercial fruit in India. As it is so popular in India, but its origin is Iran. This one is also known as a drought tolerant crop. Its regular irrigation is quite mandatory for commercial yield production. This irrigation depends on different factors like soil type, tree size, potential evaporation and psychological phase. There are so many factors to take into consideration during Pomegranate farming process. You have to consider about the soil structure, the weather and some of the required instrument for farming. Please have a look on different aspects of Pomegranate Farming along with its guidelines.

Suitable Weather for Organic Pomegranate Farming

If we will consider about the perfect climate for Organic Pomegranate Farming, dry climate would be the suitable one. But during fruit development process, it needs both hot and dry climate. The optimum temperature for fruit development is 38 degree centigrade. During humidity in climate, the fruit get damaged by pomegranate butterfly and lose their sweetness. But in case of cold climate, it is hardy and drought tolerant. Usually, Pomegranates grow well under semi-arid conditions. They can be grown up to 500m altitude above m.s.l.. It can handle hot, dry summer and cold winter if the provided irrigation facilities are available. During fruit development and ripening phase, hot and dry climate is much required. It can tolerate frost up to a considerable extend. But in temperature below -110 degree centigrade, the fruits get damage.

Benefits of Pomegrante seeds

Pomegranate Advantages

Medicinal Use Benefits

If we will consider about the Pomegranate Vitamin Benefits, we will have a never ending list. This fruit is thick skinned which covers super arils inside it. The reddish seeds, called arils, define the color and effects of this fruit. Pomegranate benefits skin by nurturing and treating acne. It has so many medicinal effects on human body growth. From head to toe, every part of human body gets affect by this unique and delicious fruit. Here is the list of some important benefits of pomegranate.Benifits of pomegranate juices is that they contain higher level of anti oxidants and reduces inflammation