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Since its inception in 2007 Niche Agriculture Ltd. has taken Giant strides & has risen to diversify into a multi business model of Organic Farming, Rain water Harvesting, Water conservation & Chemical free water table, Animal husbandry, Modern farming techniques, Production of Ayurvedic herbs in a controlled environment, developing solutions for high productivity with low cost and to set up the same model for other
countries and show them the way for cost effective organic farming with high yields. Niche Agriculture Ltd. transcends in pomegranate farming & the product is exclusively sold to top European & American markets, as all the Niche products are purely organic complying the highest international level.

Niche Agriculture Ltd. Has its off-shoots in  different types of agriculture in the agricultural market. Niche Agriculture practices livestock ranching, intensive subsistence organic farming, and dairy farming producing subsistence crops and has built the business into a divergent version of Organic Farming. It aims at high productivity indulging lower costs in all the activities about farming like water harvesting, water conservation, animal husbandry, production of Ayurvedic herbs. It is the most established industry showcasing the world around the techniques used for organic farming can lead to cost-effective high yields. To augment the concept of reducing environmental crisis through economic, social, and cultural means, Niche agriculture is destined on working towards these factors. With the classic, historic, and conventional methods of farming they are grabbing all-around social empowerment by endorsing livelihood and organic farming and also varied initiative to develop rural areas.

It is the economical and specially, the social crisis, which has led us to environmental crises. The solution to this environmental problem not only has to do with the environment but, and above all, with the reconstruction of social and cultural tissues, as well as with economical stability that take into account the natural capital as one of the biggest values for the future. Therefore Niche Agriculture strongly believes that it is inevitably important to broaden the concept of sustainability to an ECONOMIC, SOCIAL and CULTURAL point of view in the rural context. So our aim is to preserve our traditional and cultural methods of cultivation and production of Organic Crops thereby achieving all round social empowerment by promoting livelihood and sustainable community development initiatives in rural areas.

Niche Agriculture

Once a Farmer Always a Farmer

Niche Agriculture

Farmer & Founder of Niche

Mr. Harisharaan devgan is one of the most decorated farmers in Organic Pomegranate farming industry, due to whom, Niche Agriculture is now booming in market. Both hard and smart works Of Mr. Harisharaan Devgan show the results as well cultivated, quality and seedy organic pomegranates. Thanks to him, these fruits are now being exported in all over India along with abroad. People really like the taste, quality and freshness of Organic Pomegranate produced in Niche Agriculture.