PUSA Decomposer

PUSA Decomposer – An effective solution to Stubble Burning

PUSA Decomposer- An effective solution to Stubble Burning

For India’s landlocked national capital stubble burning in the abutting states of Punjab and Haryana has demonstrated to be a huge danger. Coming winters and reports of inhabitants of Delhi and NCR choking on the rising contamination levels supported by stubble burning become a regular undertaking. The agriculturists in Punjab and Haryana favor burning the stubbles of harvested crops because it is accepted to be a cost-effective method.

However, the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) in PUSA has presently created a low-cost innovation as a conceivable arrangement for managing crop residue.

Scientists at the institute have come up with ‘decomposer capsules’. These capsules, moreover called PUSA Decomposer, a composition of eight organisms, will help prepare the land for the sowing of the next crop without the farmers burning the crop residue. Four capsules, which will cost fair Rs 20, can be utilized to create 25 liter of solution effective for one hectare of land.

Gopal Rai said, we will be implementing PUSA’s strategy in Delhi. The chief serve has written to the Union environment minister so that the strategy is executed in other states as well. This will end stubble burning and contamination to a huge degree. We are arranging to supply all sorts of help to ranchers so that Delhi is secure from stubble burning,”.

The PUSA Decomposer capsules will reduce the time it takes to break down paddy straw. Moreover, unlike burning which erodes the soil quality, this option moreover makes the land fertile. Scientists at IARI, PUSA Campus, claim that if this capsule is utilized by ranchers, it’ll moreover help reduce their dependence on composts in the long run.

After residue burning, the efficiency of the land is diminished, but this capsule converts them into fertilizer and is cost-effective. The proposal will be arranged by the institute and this research was completed in one-and-a-half years.

CM Arvind Kejriwal said all the arrangements for spraying the solution on the fields will be made by the Delhi government and will be given free to the agriculturists. He said the cost of the usage of the whole project is less than Rs 20 lakh.

The Delhi CM said, “Four capsules can be blended with a fluid solution of jaggery and gram flour and can be splashed to cover one hectare of land. The blend when splashed softens the hard straw and turns it into excrement. This is a cheap elective. We have chosen that this blend will be arranged by the Delhi government itself beneath the direction of the PUSA Research Institute. We have made all arrangements for the same, and this handle will start on October 5.” Kejriwal said after around 15-20 days, the stubble will mellow and will change over into manure. Last year’s stubble burning in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, and western UP contributed to 44 percent of the contamination in Delhi.



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