Farm Equipment- Tools and Machinery used in Agriculture and Farming

“Farm Equipment- Tools and Machinery used in Agriculture and Farming”


What is Farm Equipment?

Agricultural equipment is any kind of machinery used on a farm to help with farming.

Tools used in Agriculture in old times

  • Hand Sickle

A sickle could be a hand-held agricultural device with a differently bent blade regularly utilized for harvesting grain crops or cutting juicy forage mainly for nourishing animals (either freshly cut or dried as roughage). Numerous variations of hand sickles are used over numerous cultures.

  • Shovel and Spade

A shovel is an instrument for burrowing, lifting, and moving bulk materials, such as soil, coal, rock, snow, sand, or mineral. Shovels are utilized broadly in agribusiness, development, and cultivating. Most shovels are hand instruments comprising of a wide blade fixed to a medium-length handle.

  • Pickaxe

A pickaxe or pick could be a hand apparatus with a difficult head connected perpendicular to the handle. They are utilized as devices for arranging, breaking up difficult surfaces, and cultivating implements. It comprises a handle and a head made of metal that has both a pointed and blunt end. The pointed end breaks up hard surfaces, whereas the blunt end can be utilized to pry things up. A pickaxe can regularly break up soils that a shovel can’t. Dry, solidified clay or rough soils can be broken up utilizing the sharp end of the axe.

  • Hoe

A hoe is an antiquated and flexible agrarian hand device utilized to shape the soil, control weeds, clear soil, and harvest root crops. Forming the soil can be done by heaping soil around the base of plants (hilling) or making narrow furrows (drills) and shallow trenches for planting seeds and bulbs. Weed control can be done with the assistance of a hoe by cutting foliage from the roots and clearing the soil of ancient roots and crop residues. Hoes can be utilized for burrowing and moving the soil utilized in the harvesting of root crops such as potatoes.

What are machines used for?

The agrarian operations for which advanced machines are utilized are diverse. At the crop production level, they include:

  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Premarketing processing
  • Handling of residues from previous crops;
  • Seeding, planting, and transplanting
  • Cultivation
  • Primary and auxiliary culturing of the soil
  • Fertilizer distribution and application
  • Pest control
  • Harvesting
  • Drainage
  • Irrigation

Modern Equipment

Innovation has changed farming to extend the yield and quality of yields. In this era, ranchers who are breaking their backs by utilizing conventional agriculture apparatuses are wasting their good wellbeing and time. The tractor that was once the talk of the town as an innovative genius in the field of agribusiness division is presently old news. The strength of modern farm machinery has changed the agrarian industry for the great. The following are the most recent devices which are accessible to agriculturists and their uses.

  • Tractor

Old is still gold and as far as tractors are concerned, it’ll go down the history as one of the greatest development. This piece of machinery tended to most of the agrarian needs. With wheels that are designed to move relentlessly on uneven ground, tractors work well indeed on overflowed ranches. A tractor that contains a furrow connected can help in tilling a piece of land. If it is connected to a cart goods or livestock can be carried to the market. Heavy-duty equipment can be carried around the field using a tractor. Moving soil around the field with the assistance of a tractor is additionally conceivable.

  • Combine

Basically, this can be a garden cutter but much greater in size. Combines can help agriculturists chop feed for animals. A Combine comes with a comb cutter for cutting the plant’s mature grain and also a long rake in front of that machine which is critical in segregating the grain from the crop.

  • Plough

This is a remarkable piece of agrarian apparatus, utilized for furrowing the soil for the planting season. A furrow has an advantage over a tractor since it can move the soil utilizing its powerful edges with much ease.

  • Drag

Typically, a machine is used for breaking metal, wood, and other strong particles that are on the farm and segregated by the plough. The solid particles ruin the growth of crops in the field.

  • Sprayer

This can be drones that shower with precision or tank filled with fungicide, bug spray, or pesticide is sprayed consistently over the crops requiring these chemicals.

  • Tillage Planter

A tillage planter is ordinarily vital for hard rural arrive that cannot be shifted using a furrow effectively. This piece of equipment sow seeds within the ground without any prior tillage.

  • Fertilizer

Fertilizer is an essential input for the healthy growth of crops. A fertilizer distributor requires the agriculturist to add the excrement in the dump tube only and spread it around his field.

  • Plant Breeding and Genetics

This technique represents an important contribution to crops efficiency. Genetics also presented the scientific basis in animal husbandry. Hydroponics a means by which plants flourish without soil by chemical supplement solutions is also solving other extra agrarian problems.

  • Drones

Drone and other unmanned vehicles are used for farming purposes, such as spraying, planting, transportation of perishable products, and crop fumigant to control insect illnesses and pest.


With the specified modern machinery and innovation, farming has ended up more of a science than an art. Improved efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainable farming has been the end game for these developments.

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