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PM Modi Announces Revoking of Three Farm Laws – Farm Bill 2020

PM Modi Announces Revoking of Three Farm Laws: Niche Group Heartedly welcomes the end of Long Dissent on GurPurab

On Friday morning, PM Modi declared that the central government is officially dismantlingS the three farm laws in the upcoming winter session (scheduled November 29th) of parliament to end the controversial three farm laws. 

PM Narendra Modi is well known for his startling and what some of his admirers call “Masterstroke” speeches. This morning on the auspicious occasion of Guru Nanak Parv, PM plunged a similar broadcast. In his address to the nation, PM Modi said “Maybe something was lacking from our side that we were unable to convince some farmers about the laws. But today is Prakash Parv and not the time for a blame game. Today, I want to announce that we have decided to repeal the three farm laws“. 

Niche Agriculture Limited has always been keen to settle down the brewing turmoil between government and farmers, and with the latest announcement made by PM Narendra Modi, it has finally come to rest. This repelling of three farm laws can help the agriculture sector to re-join the government assistance, and start cohesive development in the agriculture sector.

PM Modi highlighted the efforts of his government to help the farmers in sustainable growth, by implementing direct fund transfer into farmer’s bank account and providing loans to farmers on minuscule interest rates.

India houses more than 25% of world farming and is predominantly an agriculture-based economy. If the farm laws were effectively implemented, then the small-scale farmers could have directly benefited. As they would have had the freedom of selling their produce across India at the best rates.

Still, the Niche group understands the circumstances that flickered in the country against the farm laws. It can also be viewed as a proactive decision on the part of the central government as in many states, elections are on the horizon. 

PM Modi further down the line explained how the government is actively focusing on the agriculture sector, and wishes to pave the way forward for farmers to earn a better living. Due to lack of delivering the government viewpoint and continues disobedience with political vendetta the true intentions of the three laws failed to reach out to the ground level framers. 

Mr. Harisharn Devgan (Founder, Niche Group) welcomes the supportive resolution made by the central government and PM Modi. It will help the farmers to get back to their homes and resolve to their livelihoods.


PM Modi is a engrained statesman and well versed in his political insight, which rest assures the fact that this move of reverting the three laws on GurPurab, is indeed calculated and aimed towards approaching state elections.

Also, PM Modi shed some light on the major government policies specially formulated for helping farmers like Crop Insurance Scheme, PM Kisan Maan Dhan Yojna, Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi, and others. 

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