Organic Farming

Organic Farming: The Future of Indian Agriculture

Organic Farming: The Future of Indian Niche Agriculture

The agriculture sector is among the highest contributors to the Indian economy, and organic farming is following its suit. Other than an economic stronghold, agriculture provides employment to a large population of the country, hence holding high stakes in the country’s development.

Drastic environmental changes call for serious steps to be taken and Organic farming plays one of the most crucial roles in bringing about this change.

With a growing demand in the segment and many upcoming organic brands, Niche Agriculture is a name that resonates with quality at its best. 

Niche Agriculture has been taking giant steps forward in Organic farming, since its foray in 2007. Producers of organically cultivated pomegranates, Niche agriculture is also targeting at Hemp production. Niche organic products are exclusively exported tothe European and American market, as they comply with highest international standards.

Niche believes in rural empowerment through the introduction of the concept of sustainability to the core of Indian agriculture.Niche Agriculture aims at combining traditional methods of cultivation with modern farming techniques to produce organic crops and livestock

Organic Farming

What is Organic Farming?

Modern farming or coined as Organic farming dives deep to improve farming practices. Organic farming focusses on cleaner and environment-friendly methods for cultivation. In comparison to conventional methods, it aims at using fewer pesticides, reduced soil erosion, and reduced nitrate leaching into the groundwater. It also aims at using recycled animal waste in the farming process.


Increasing demand of Organic Foods

Sustainable methods of cultivation, enhanced soil fertility other than a drastic reduction in the consumption of GMO (genetically modified) crops lay the basis of the importance of Organic farming in India.

Consumer demand has gone up steadily, as the awareness of the importance of organically produced foods is increasing. Free from conventional fertilizers and pesticides is the star quality of organic foods, thus aiding in its increasing demand. Authentic taste, environmental concerns are other factors that attract buyers. 

Organic Livestock products

A demand for organically produced livestock products such as dairy and organic meat have also gained momentum. The animals consume organic feed and are kept free from antibiotics or growth hormones, which have been used in conventional forms of farming till date.

The recognition for clean production, clean consumption goes hand in hand with a cleaner environment. And, although organic agriculture has few challenges to face it holds a promising future.

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