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Online Certification Courses are offered to Fertilizer Dealers by Kerala Agri Varsity

Online Certification Courses are offered to Fertilizer Dealers by KAU

Kerala agriculturists can presently avail of the benefits of online certificate courses on Integrated Nutrient Management within the state. The 15-day online course has been begun by the Kerala Agriculture University (KAU) alongside the assistance of Kerala Agriculture Improvement and Farmer’s Welfare. According to reports, the certificate course has been arranged in order to form the states manure merchants more aware of the manures. The course has been shaped keeping in view the issued orders from the Ministry of Agriculture Development and Farmer’s Welfare.

According to the orders, the 15 days course is obligatory for all the state’s manure merchants in order to get or hold their permit of the dealership. The INP course would make the fertilizer Dealer be more competitive additionally give the farmers the leading administrations. The course would certainly offer assistance to the merchants to act as para-extension experts within the field of farming.

The fertilizer dealers and other Agri merchants are the prime sources of horticulture data to all the cultivating communities along with the supply of the inputs and credits. The choice of the online course was too made because larger parts of these merchants had no legitimate information almost farming or any kind of horticulture education. With regard to all the Covid-19 rules and the Unlock process, it was chosen that the course would be started with 2 hours of theory lesson online and viable classes would be conducted within the Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s of the respective locale in the state every day for 15 days.

Central Training Institute, Mannuthy alongside the Krishi Vigyan Kendra will be in charge of the conduction of the whole certification course. The whole course would be conducted under the direction of the Directorate of Expansion, Kerala Agriculture University.

The course will be taught by the Researcher of the Kerala Agribusiness College and would be dependable for both the hypothesis as well as the viable classes. The certification course would offer assistance to the flow or legitimate information with regards to agribusiness practices as well as good farming hones. Ranchers as well would be profited as the merchants can offer assistance pass their certification information approximately the administrations and hence this would offer assistance within the overall betterment of Agribusiness within the state of Kerala.

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