Organic Farming in Arunachal

The road ahead in organic farming
Arunachal Pradesh has become
the second largest producer state

Jhum cultivation and terrace farming

State Government initiative to make Arunachal an organic state

In a bid to make Arunachal Pradesh a > hundred per cent organic state, the State government decided to launch “State Soil Health Mission”.

The programme envisages proper documentation of soil health and preparation of soil map besides, distribution of Soil Health Cards to farmers so that they are guided for scientific nutrient managements, Government Spokesperson Bamang Felix said.

The programme shall also check overuse of fertilizers and its adverse effect and help in increase of crop production through its sustainable soil management programme paving way for organic farming, he said.

Arunachal Pradesh government which is among the top five states for devolution of powers to Panchayati Raj, has initiated steps to strengthen the urban local self-governance to enhance revenue base of urban local bodies.

“The state Cabinet in a recent meeting decided to authorise urban local bodies to collect taxes, user charges, levy fees and fines as per provisions under various sections of the Arunachal Pradesh Municipal Act 2007,” Felix said.

The state with 82 per cent forest cover is considered as one of the richest resource-based state in terms of aromatic and medicinal plants. Taking into consideration this potential, the Cabinet adopted Arunachal Pradesh Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Policy 2015.