Agriculture Definition, Methods of Farming, Cultivation & News Science 

1.Who is agriculture minister of india?

maherndra singh tomar

2.Difference between agriculture and farming ?

difference between farming and agricuture is very basic ,farming refers to growing of crops and plant it comes under agriculture and agriculture is much more vast and deals with cattle and farming.

3.which is best agriculture course in india? in agriculture & in genetic plant breeding


4.How agriculture causes climate change?

farming in particular leads to climate change by anthropogenic emission which is the gas{carbon dioxide} emitted by green houses.


5.what is agriculture?

agriculture is the artwork and science of nurturing the soil, producing crops, and breeding livestock. it includes the evolution of plant and animal outcomes for people to use and their distribution to markets. these products and the agricultural methods used may vary from one part of the world to another. is agriculture important

agriculture is extremely important not only for the supply of food but also for the procurement of raw materials for other businesses such as textiles, sugar, jute, vegetable oil, and tobacco. agriculture is not only a profession for people but also a way of living. most customs and education in the world revolve around agriculture.niche agriculture soley believes that agriculture is very important and future of india



7.which industries depend on agriculture?

the top agro-based industries includes sugar,paper, textile and vegetable oil.these are the top-industries which are majorly depended on agriculture for raw material



8.what agriculture zone is india ?

most of india’s tropics and subtropic areas fit somewhere in zones between 10 – 12; delhi ncr falls in zone 10




what is organic farming

organic farming is a crop and livestock production classification that involves not using pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, and growth hormones. 


how organic farming benefits the environment?


organic farming discourages the use of harsh chemicals and, therefore, contributes to preserving the natural environment. in fact, research studies have unveiled that organic farming can eliminate millions of pesticides and chemicals from penetrating the environment.



how organic farming promote sustainable development?


the chemicals and pesticides invade the food supply, infiltrate the water sources, harm the livestock, deplete the soil, and damage the natural environment. organic farming is an eco-friendly system of growing crops with sustainable development.



will organic farming feed the world


organic farming has the potential to provide ample food for the whole human population and also to save the environment. if done right, it’s also the need of the hour.


why organic farming is important


organic farming, a holistic production management system that supports and intensifies agro-ecosystem health, including biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil biological activity, is vital. studies have revealed that organic farming methods can produce even higher yields than standard methods.



why organic farming is important in india


in a country like indiaagriculture is extremely influenced by the vagaries of various biotic and abiotic factors. organic farming is capable sufficient to accommodate economic safety.


where to learn organic farming in india

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